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ASI Security Solutions is proud to offer ASI Connect Wellness Solutions, because we know how much Hoosiers value their independence and how much families value peace of mind – especially when it comes to aging loved ones. ASI Connect Wellness Solutions program provides a range of customizable systems to provide a tailored, cost effective safety net. This means Grandpa, Grandma, Mom or Dad can enjoy an active lifestyle while everyone enjoys the knowledge of their safety and security.

A Comprehensive Safety Net

ASI Connect Wellness Solutions program provides that extra layer of protection and ease. Even family members who employ a full- or part-time caretaker can achieve greater peace of mind with these systems.

ASI Connect Wellness Solutions provides a 24/7 home security system featuring burglar alarms and fire and carbon monoxide alerts plus various enhancements to optimize an independent lifestyle for aging family members. Through a combination of Personal Emergency Response (PERS) geo-locator pendants, mobile phone connectivity, alert buttons strategically placed in the home, and more, help is never far away. The system can even call for help and unlock doors for emergency responders if your loved one is unable to do so themselves.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”10″ down=”10″]

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Alert and Aware

Staying updated on a relative’s day to day status is possible, even if you’re far apart. Alarm.com Wellness can track daily routines with unobtrusive sensors for things like stove tops, medicine cabinets, beds and doors. The system will immediately send alerts if it detects unusual or unsafe activity. Now you’ll know if Mom left the stove on, forgot to take her medication, is stuck in bed or wandered out at an odd hour. Plus, you’ll be able to instantly provide help at the touch of a button on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

This system can also keep an eye on your loved one’s day-to-day health and well-being. With options to monitor their eating habits, sleeping patterns and other activities, you’ll see trends and remain updated on any unusual activity or potential health concerns. This technology makes wellness checks easy accessible, even if you’re unable to visit in person as often as you’d like.

Rapid Response for Falls and Accidents

Falls and other accidents are unfortunate and can be traumatic for seniors, especially those who live alone. That’s why ASI Connect Wellness Solutions program has a number of features to get help for those who might be incapacitated.

In case of a fall, your loved one can use their wearable PERS pendant to call for help. The pendant’s geo-location function helps first responders quickly locate the person, even if they aren’t at home. In case your family member is unable to use their pendant or otherwise call for help, the sensors for appliances, beds and doors mentioned earlier will send alerts if there is prolonged inactivity or anything out of the ordinary. While falls and accidents are common and understandable concerns for aging people and their families, this technology provides peace of mind that help is never far away in a crisis.

Worry-Free Automation

ASI Connect Wellness Solutions have a lot to offer by way of emergency alerts and wellness checks, and this list of benefits also includes cost effectiveness. Automatic functions can be programmed into the system to pick up on daily patterns and functions of a residence to help reduce energy consumption and make everyday life easier.

Such automated features include: automatically monitoring and setting room temperatures to make sure loved ones aren’t too cold or too hot; turning internal and external lights off and on for security and energy conservation; and locking or unlocking doors and windows to give family members and first responders access while keeping all others out. This level of automation is ideal not only for the obvious reasons of safety and comfort, but also lower energy bills.

Learn more about ASI Connect Wellness Solutions program for your loved ones.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”10″ down=”10″][button target=”_blank” hover_type=”default” text=”Get a Free Quote” link=”https://asisecurity.solutions/quote/” color=”#ffffff” hover_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#2984b1″ hover_background_color=”#a8c760″ border_color=”#2984b1″ hover_border_color=”#a8c760″][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”10″ down=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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