Ron Anderson


Time At ASI: 28 Years

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: Working With Various Technologies

Interesting Tidbit: Married, Father of Four who loves playing guitar and golfing.

Hopes for ASI: Continued growth and expansion while maintaining or improving our quality of service. 


Tami Rust

Office Manager

Time At ASI: 16 Years

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: Proximity to my home and family; relationships with fellow co-workers.

Personal Hobby: Reading

Hopes for ASI: Ccontinued growth while still maintaining the personal relationships we have with our customer base.

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Abigail Anderson

Marketing Coordinator

Time At ASI: 1.5 Years

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: Being able to use my creativity when creating advertisements.

Hobbies: Creating art, sculpting with clay, and making jewelry

Hopes for ASI: To help people understand the need for home security; to help them feel their homes and businesses are protected.


Josh Ridenour

Technical Supervisor

Time At ASI: 14 Years

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: Working with new security technology 

Hobby: Cooking

Hopes for ASI: Continue to grow as a company and service new customers and businesses.

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(But Still Really Awesome)

Jim Lowery

Sales Consultant

Time At ASI: 1 Year

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: Helping people find the right solutions to their security and technology concerns

Interesting Tidbit: Enjoys playing golf, travel and spending time with his 5 grandkids

Hopes for ASI: Educate as many people as I possibly can about all of the smart technology and security products available to protect their loved ones, their valuables and provide them with tremendous peace of mind.

Kylar McCrobie


Time At ASI: 9 Months

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: Being around everyone and the family environment

Interesting Tidbit: Likes riding bikes and playing video games with his friends

Hopes for ASI: Getting faster and more confident in his work and being the best he can be.

Sarah Mackey

Customer Service Rep

Time At ASI: 18 Months

Favorite Part of Working at ASI: The people 

Hobby: Escape Rooms

Hopes for ASI: I hope that ASI makes a difference in people’s lives and our customers feel that we genuinely care about them as individuals.