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Don’t get caught off guard.  Always be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. That means keep your eyes up and looking around. Take notice of the people and cars around you. Don’t walk through a dark parking lot with your eyes glued to your phone. If you feel that you are being followed head toward a public place like a restaurant or store. Let the manager know what’s going on so someone other than yourself is aware of the situation.

Use an app to help keep you safe. Did you know that there are apps designed to help keep you safe?  Stay Safe is an app that allows you to enter your route, expected arrival time, and emergency contacts. If you don’t arrive in time Stay Safe alerts your emergency contacts.  Another app available for use is My Panic Alarm.  When you press a button on your phone your device will flash and emit a very loud noise. This will attract the attention of those around you and alert them to the fact that you need help.

Carry pepper spray or mace. Carrying around a can of pepper spray or mace can be a highly effective tool when trying to protect yourself from an attacker. It isn’t very helpful if it’s buried in your purse, though.  Keep it in your hands as you walk so that you don’t waste precious moments digging for it in your bag. This way, if the moment arises, you’ll be ready to strike.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”15″ down=”15″]

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Carry your keys in your hand. If you carry your keys in your hand as you’re walking to your car or home you won’t have to pause to look for them when you get to the door and you leave less opportunity to attack you when your guard is down and you’re distracted. You can also set up z-wave locks with your home alarm system so that you can quickly and easily unlock your doors, with or without your keys.

Lock your doors behind you as soon as you enter the house. Don’t give unwanted guests the ability to follow you into your home. As soon as you’re safely inside, lock your doors and re-arm your home security system.

Get out at the next stop.  If you’re attacked on an elevator or you simply feel uncomfortable press the button for the next floor. At the next floor, the doors will open and you will have the opportunity to escape or yell for help. If you press the emergency button in an elevator the elevator will shut down and you will become trapped until help arrives.

Prepare your children. If you’re out with your children, make sure they are prepared and know what to do in case of an attacker. Make sure they know that at your command they should get behind you and stay there until you say otherwise.

Give up your wallet. If an attacker demands your wallet be willing and ready to give it away. Be smart about it, though. Instead of handing it directly to your attacker, throw it several feet away from you and use that opportunity to run.

Be ready to make a move. If it comes down to it you should be ready to make a move. Look into self-defense classes in your area so that if the need arises you’re prepared. And remember, aim for sensitive areas like the neck, eyes, nose, or groin!

It’s easy to walk around each day and believe that nothing bad will happen to us, but the sad truth is that bad things do happen all the time. In a world where tomorrow isn’t promised and safety isn’t guaranteed, protect what matters. Protect yourself.

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