At ASI, we believe that not all cameras are created equally. Some cameras are just plain bad — other cameras are bad for a particular application. By this point, hopefully, you’ve noticed that we’re all about standing out and above our competition, so let’s talk about camera application. Today, we’re going to chat about three different kinds of cameras and how they can generally be used to bring specific visibility into your life. Let’s go!


Outdoor Cameras.

When did the kids get dropped off from school? Did your dog get out again? We’ve got you covered. With our wide range of outdoor cameras, we have everything from bullet cameras to dome cameras, wired cameras to wireless cameras. Not only can you remotely live view your footage, but you can also be notified if an event is triggered, such as motion at a certain time. Driveways, garages, yards and more are a perfect fit for our outdoor cameras.


Doorbell Camera.

You’re at work but you’re expecting an important package — the kind you don’t want to be left out on the front porch. With our video doorbell and smart lock, now you can be notified in real time when the delivery arrives, chat with the mailman through your video doorbell, and let him in and out of your front door, to deposit the package securely inside. Perhaps Gram wants to screen visitors without getting out of her easy chair and running to the door. There are many different situations in which our video doorbell shines. A bonus is that our video doorbells offer full-color video — even at night!

Interior Video Camera.

We saved the cake for last. For just about forever, folks that wanted a good interior camera had to settle for an outdoor camera mounted inside or a camera that just didn’t perfectly delight. That’s gone now. Our interior video camera is a premier, capable device, capable of enhanced zoom, 180-degree high definition video, two-way audio, and even Bluetooth streaming! We recently introduced this camera and have heard nothing but praise. Whether you want to check in on the baby, the dogs, or the kids in the family room, this camera delivers a great performance, capable of viewing the whole room and providing a gorgeous picture.


We don’t believe that slapping a camera on the wall is the way to go. We go the extra mile to fit you with the solution you need in the place that you need it. If you have questions, we have a team of dedicated professionals that will help you find answers.

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