You deserve real.

That's right, you deserve REAL. Not some kid selling security systems out of the back of his car or a DIY system from a megastore; you deserve something legitimate and useful. At ASI, we get that. For 27 years, we’ve been quietly and consistently serving central and eastern Indiana with the very best of home and commercial security, video surveillance and integrated services. It’s hard to get more homegrown. Here’s a quick breakdown of what sets ASI apart from the crowd.

No Subcontractors. Our highly trained technicians install our custom systems. You’ll never find a subcontractor installing our equipment.

Local. You’ll never find ASI trucks in Florida. Indiana is our home and we’re proud of how we serve this state.

Trusted. With 27 years of experience and positive reviews behind us, we’re more than confident that we can serve you, your family and your business at the highest level possible.

Custom built solutions. Your house isn’t built the same as the other folks on your block. We couldn’t sell you a security system just like theirs – that’s what other companies do. Our ASI representative will do a walkthrough of your home or business and hear your concerns to tailor a system that will allow you to thrive in your unique situation.

Low False Alarms. One of the biggest perks of owning a custom made security system is a greatly reduced false alarm rate. Our account representatives will custom build a system for you that won’t let Fluffy set off your alarm -- but will still catch Baddy McBadderson when he comes to call.

No Gimmicks or Gotchas. We don’t play games at ASI -- we’re as straightforward as can be. Our contracts are clear and precise, holding us accountable to you, our client. There’s no smoke and mirrors in our gig -- we’ve been around 27 years in small-town Indiana to prove it!

Out of the ordinary solutions. We’ve been around long enough to know that your farm isn’t quite like the Jone’s -- and needs something a little different. Where other companies stick with the cookie cutter approach, we’re willing to go off the beaten path and build something unique and useful for you in your situation. Trust us -- we’ve done a lot!

Unmatched prowess. At the helm of everything we do is an electronics engineering background -- we know the technology inside and out, unlike some companies that simply sell premade kits, we architect real solutions.

Open-ended architecture. To the point above, every system ASI builds is open-ended -- think of it like Legos -- stackable and expandable. If you decide to expand your home or business, your system can expand and evolve with you!

There are many more reasons why we believe ASI is the absolute best choice you could make in your home and business. We can also do something useful and needed for just about everyone. Reach out to us today and let’s chat about what ASI can do for you -- something real!

Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson