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As one year wraps up and another begins, many people like to take the opportunity to improve their lives going forward with New Year’s resolutions. You may resolve to learn a new language or land your dream job. Or perhaps you’d just like to manage your stress or your money more efficiently.

Whatever your goals, it can be difficult to implement positive habits in your life so that you can accomplish them. And while 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February, you shouldn’t give up hope. Here a just a few resolutions that a smart home can help you keep.

Be More Productive

Studies have shown that waking up early can help you make the most of your day. Smart home solutions from ASI can help you reach that goal with the ability to set scenes for yourself, such as a Wake Up scene. After you decide the optimal time to wake up in the morning, you can customize your Wake Up scene which will allow you to change the temperature in your bedroom and turn on your lights. This can help give your day a kickstart.

A tip for getting out of bed in the morning: use a sun lamp which mimics sunlight for an extra burst of energy. If you like to wake up to natural light, with smart lighting and a Wake Up scene you can set the lamp to come on so that it will support your natural internal clock.

In order to wake up early and feel rested, you need to get yourself into bed at a decent hour, too. Instead of needing to go around your house to make sure everything is set before you go to bed, you can use our preset Sleep scene which will ensure that you have doors locked, lights off, and the temperature set to your sleeping preferences.


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Spend More Time with Friends

Between work and family, you may feel like you never get a chance to see your friends anymore. One great way to spend more time with your friends is to have them over to your home for a dinner party, board games, or movie night. With ASI’s scenes, you can create customized rules for whatever social setting you’d like.

For a movie night, you might want to snuggle under some cozy blankets, so you’d like the temperature lowered. Maybe you want the lights dimmed for an intimate dinner party.  Or perhaps you want some upbeat music playing in the background during your get-together.

Whatever the kind of atmosphere you’d like for your party, ASI can create the perfect setting for you and your friends. With the touch of a button (even the sound of your voice), you can control your surroundings.

And if your friends start showing up before you’re ready, you can answer your door with a smart doorbell and two-way speaker so you can let them in without leaving your snacks to burn in the oven.

Save Money

For most people, saving money is always a goal, though it can be difficult to do. With a smart house, you can save money without even thinking about it. There are quite a few ways that a smart home can save you money including a smart thermostat. Reduce your energy bill by setting it a few degrees lower in the winter or higher in the summer.

When you use your smart thermometer in conjunction with a geo-fence surrounding your home, it knows when you leave and when you arrive back home. And with Indiana weather being as unpredictable as it is, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to set your thermostat when you leave for the day. It will adjust for automatic savings.

Another way that your smart house can save you money is to alert you of small problems before they spiral into much larger ones. For example, due to our harsh Indiana winters, water pipes can burst causing a huge mess and a big bill. But ASI can alert you to any small water problems before it gets to that point and before spending thousands of dollars on a cleanup bill.

It is much easier to keep your resolutions if you have the power to manage and automate tasks that will help you on your journey. ASI is primed to help you keep your resolutions of saving money, spending time with friends, being more productive, and so much more. And remember that if you slip up on your New Year's resolutions, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up. Each day is a new opportunity to try again.

Learn more about smart home solutions by contacting us today.

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Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson