This month at ASI, we’re celebrating vacations.

Here are a few tips we love and wanted to share with you!


Be Careful with Social Media

  • We’re sure you’re loving Santa Monica, but don’t post pictures just yet! If the wrong person sees your post on Instagram or Facebook, you could run the risk of a burglary. You would be wise to wait until you’re back home to post all those sunset selfies!

Be Sure to Plan Unplanned Times

  • Vacation schedules are good – there’s lots to do and little time – but be sure to leave empty blocks of time to fill with whatever comes up. Maybe you’ll want a nap back at the hotel or a quick stroll through a quaint neighborhood; regardless, leave room to be spontaneous!

Have a Home Emergency List

  • You ought to have a trusted friend on speed dial. With ASI, you’ll be alerted if anything goes south on the home front, but you need a contact that can quickly resolve any issues that arise. Tell Bob you owe him a burger and to leave his phone on!

Pack an Emergency Kit for your Car

  • You never know when you’ll need supplies on the side of the road. We at ASI recommend a backup phone battery or power bank, a first-aid kit, blankets, nonperishable food, a flashlight and bottled water. Never be caught off guard!

Arrange a Backup Passport Plan

  • Your passport is a vital piece of identification. You should prepare for the worst by scanning a copy of it and emailing it to yourself or taking a photo of it to keep on your smartphone. Give a copy to a family member or friend, too. If it’s stolen, it will be easier to replace.

Invest in a Money Belt

  • Even if you only carry plastic, you ought to look seriously into a money belt. They come in many unique and convenient configurations that make your valuables much harder to steal. Don’t worry about your wallet in a crowd!

See it all with the Video Doorbell

  • ASI's Video Doorbell allows you to remotely answer your door -- from just about anywhere! We always recommend this great product to our clients -- whether at home or away.

Smart Lock, Smart Life

  • The perfect complement to the video doorbell, our smart locks allow you to control access to your home with the push of a button. Don't hide your key under the mat -- give your neighbor a code that will unlock the door, disarm your security and give you a nudge.


We hope your vacation is a magical and refreshing time, laced with moments you'll treasure for years to come.

If you enjoyed these vacation tips or want to have a conversation about your home security, let us know!

Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson