You decide that your family or business needs to be protected with an alarm system. You begin shopping for one, turning to online searches for a provider. You find a company online in short order; after a brief telephone call they assure you that an installer is on the way. Within days, an installer shows up at your house and hooks up a security system. You sign a contract, he shakes your hand, and the deed is done. All is well -- or is it? You go to the grocery store, confident that your home is safe. Once at the store, you’re carting your kids down the produce aisle when you get a terrifying call -- your home alarm has gone off.


Over a thousand years ago, one of Aesop’s Fables is the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. A sheepherder lied about a wolf attacking his sheep to the point where when his sheep were really attacked by a wolf, no one believed him. Interestingly enough, that story is still valid today. False alarms can be a very real problem. 


False alarms can be expensive. In 2002, American police responded to 36 million alarm calls, costing over $1.8 billion. That’s not the only cost associated with false alarms however, as many police departments now charge a fee for responding to chronic false alarm calls. You want an alarm system that doesn’t cost you extra money through false alarms.


False alarms are also inconvenient. If your alarm system goes off for an invalid reason, especially if you’re not home, you have the stress of wondering what set off the alarm and perhaps even the inconvenience of running home to double check on the homestead. Your alarm system should exist to give you peace of mind, not rob you of it. Perhaps this is the weightiest reason of all to beware of an alarm system prone to false alarms -- you want assurance from your security system. 


So what is it that triggers false alarms? Our experience has been clear -- faulty hardware and improperly designed systems. Cheaply produced hardware paired with nonprofessional installation breeds a nightmare for your home. For example, if you have dogs trotting around your house, motion detectors might be a bad idea. 


False alarms rob you of peace of mind, reduce the validity of real emergencies, cost you and law enforcement officers time and money and they’re preventable. ASI provides only high quality hardware, professional design and professional installation to build an alarm system that fits your lifestyle like a glove, making false alarms rare. In fact, ASI holds false alarm rate of under 1%.


You don’t need to settle for less. Experience the ASI difference in your home!

Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson