Burglaries are nothing to scoff at, but you’re not worried about them at all. You have a security system from Company X!  Even experienced burglars will be busted before they get a chance to pocket your loot, right?

The alarming (pun intended) reality is that experienced burglars can sometimes pull off a successful burglary by targeting and destroying the security system itself.

When you come home after arming the system, you have an entry delay time that allows you 30 to 60 seconds to get to the keypad and enter your access code or open the app and disarm the system. Experienced burglars can use that entry delay time to locate the security panel and destroy it within that window of time, preventing the security system from going into alarm and alerting the monitoring station.

At ASI, we have a solution for that. With our Smash and Crash protection, the moment the entry delay countdown starts on our systems, our panels send an instant signal to our monitoring station. If that delay elapses and the panel hasn’t successfully transmitted a “disarmed” signal, the monitoring station will dispatch law enforcement to the scene, regardless of whether the alarm panel is in one piece or twenty.

This is just another example of how ASI stands out from the crowd. We’re proud of our smarter, safer security solutions and service. Let’s chat today about how you can have better security for your home and family.

Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson