Professional vs DIY Security

Why Customers Choose ASI Security Over a DIY Solution

1. Expertise Matters

Knowledge and expertise are important in this business to avoid any security vulnerabilities. Our professionally-trained team knows how and where to install your security systems so that you are the safest you can be.

2. Proximity is Important

Having a security provider close to you is extremely important in case of an emergency or problem. Unlike DIY solutions, we service the state of Indiana and only the state of Indiana so we can provide the best service possible in close proximity.


3. Don’t Subcontract Your Safety

Subcontracting installation to others can create a wealth of problems from not representing our brand well to incorrect installation and more. All of our technicians are employees of the company and are trained by our staff to install your systems correctly and safely. We only install North American manufactured equipment by certified staff technicians.

4. Direct Contracts are Critical

When you have a contract that is sold through a third-party dealer program, there is a lot of fine print and the chance that you won’t be able to reach someone to solve your problem if one arises. It creates a disconnect, and it’s not beneficial for the consumer. All of our contracts are made directly with our customers. There is never any middleman.

5. Customization is Key

Not every security system is supposed to be made the same; it all depends on your needs and wants! We use a 32-point property evaluation system to customize systems to our clients’ lifestyles and logistics. We also have a false alarm rate of less than 1 percent.

6. DIY Doesn’t Even Compare

The gear offered by DIY companies is in no way comparable to a professionally installed system with real gear when it comes to performance. Our team delivers top-notch customer service and we provide strategic, customized recommendations to our customers so you have the best solution for you – not for everyone else.


Professional vs. DIY

Percent Of Homeowners Say That Installation And Monitoring Is Best Left To Professionals.
Percent Of Homeowners Prefer A Single App For Their Smart Home Devices.
Percent Of Homeowners Are Happier To Invest In Smart Home Technology When Customer Support Is Reliable.

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