Flex IO | Security Without Boundaries

Protect more of what matters with our next-generation sensor designed for monitoring property and assets anywhere.

Flex IO is our durable, battery-powered sensor. It provides real-time alerts with LTE cellular coverage - panel, hub, or Wi-Fi not required!

Flex IO 
Protect anything, anywhere with LTE & real time alerts

Key Features

  • Works anywhere there’s LTE cellular coverage—panel, hub, or Wi-Fi not required!

  • Is weather proof, and ruggedized for the outdoors

  • Expected wireless battery life of 2+ years & optional wired power

Real Time Security Alerts For:

  • Doors & windows being opened or left open

  • Perimeter gates are accessed or tampered with

  • Freestanding items are moved

  • The Flex IO device is tampered with

FlexIO_092419_01 (1)

Tons of Great Use Cases

Sheds & Storage

Tools & Equipment

Gates & Fences

Golf Carts & ATV's


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