A shadowy figure peers through the window, taking full advantage of the crack that was inadvertently left between the blinds and the curtain to peer into your living room, his eyes shifting left to right to detect any movement on the other side of the glass. He quickly surmises that no one is at home and makes his way over your fence and to the seemingly unguarded backdoor. He pulls a prybar from beneath his coat and inches closer to the door. Suddenly an alarm is triggered, and bright red LED lights pierce the darkness and begin to flash, as a camera with IR‐ equipped night vision captures the look of panic forming across his face. He hears a voice stating boldly, “You need to leave! The cops are on the way!” Still stunned by how he triggered an alarm, he drops his tool and flees from the scene.

You smile, as you have not only deterred a break‐in at your home, but now you know you can give the authorities an excellent description of the perpetrator. All captured in 1080p over your Wi‐Fi outdoor video camera with two‐way audio! With Perimeter Guard™s proactive defense, you get a 117‐degree field of view to any potential intruders. Video Analytics sound an alert and flash a camera's LED when unwanted visitors are detected. Customers can choose the option of a loud whistle, a beep, and flashing red lights to drive away thieves. The best part, you don’t even need a doorbell to get alerts and utilize the two-way audio features. With the built‐in microphone and speaker, you can interact with visitors even when you are away. The camera has integrated video analytics for smarter detection and more relevant alerts, so you won’t get alerted every time a bird or squirrel comes into view. The onboard recording feature with Smart View technology delivers continuous, local, encrypted recordings that can be stored on a microSD card (sold separately) or view the footage from anywhere on any mobile device.  Let Ron Anderson and his team of security experts at Anderson Security Integration (ASI) turn your home's cameras into a proactive frontline defense against potential intruders with the Outdoor 1080p Wi‐Fi Camera. Contact us today for pricing and availability!


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Ron Anderson