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Vacation season is here at last!

You’re taking your kids to Myrtle Beach in April. You’re excited – it’s going to be great. But what about your home? It’s no secret that your home is more vulnerable to break-ins, burglaries and vandalism when you’re away. What options do you have for securing your home while you’re on vacation?

Home security is your best bet. Door sensors and glassbreak sensors will alert the authorities if someone forces open a door or smashes a window. Monitored fire alarms will call in the fire department if a mouse finds the wrong wire and starts a blaze – and conversely, water sensors can tattle on a leaking pipe or water heater has gone rogue. You can control your security with an app on your phone, arming or disarming it if someone forgets, and checking up on the homestead.

So, now you know your home isn’t burning down or hosting a massive teen rave in your absence, but what if you want to know that Fluffy (your dog, cat or pet dragon) is doing ok, his sitter is coming and going at the correct times, and your important package has been delivered safely? Professionally installed video cameras can integrate with your security system to deliver on-demand and recorded video, all from the same application that controls your home security. Doorbell cameras and interior/exterior cameras will let you check in whenever, without having to leave your pool float in the Mediterranean.

Your ability to control your home remotely goes even further. Smart lights, smart locks, smart garage door controllers, smart thermostats – you can add smart devices to your home security system and control them from the same app. Feel free to mumble bitterly about the thermostat as you adjust it one degree from your phone – that’s on us. Set smart lights, inside or out, to come on throughout the evening at different times to make bad guys – and the Jone’s – think you’re home.

We have your back, whether you’re on the grind and home every night or three thousand miles away from home. You need professionally installed home security, cameras and smart devices – so contact us and set up a free visit with a representative and get equipped with everything we’ve got. Then, go on vacation and watch Fluffy chew on the couch through our crystal clear video. You’re welcome.

Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson