You are already miles away from home. After a quick u-turn, you race back toward home and hope everything is still safe. What if you forget to set the thermostat or take proper measures for a sudden overnight freeze and are already gone for vacation? Forgetting to set your security alarm or environmental controls can result in loss; due to theft or damage which, can cost you thousands. But what if these types of common mistakes are entirely preventable? A Geo-Services system is the answer you need to remain connected to your home, even when miles away. Not only does the system alert you when you leave, based on your geographic location, but a Geo-Services system from Anderson Integration (ASI) can automate these systems; to automatically arm or set the temperature inside the home. It also allows for constant monitoring from either an iPhone or Android at no additional cost. Best of all, it’s easy to set up! Just install the ASI app on your mobile device, log in using your unique identification and password, enable Geo-Services under the SETTINGS menu, then view and set up Geo-Fences, which by default is a set perimeter around the home. You can tailor your system to your own needs by creating rules and notifications. For example, you can have video recording be disabled when your system gets disarmed, or you are at home with no additional effort on your part.

Are you tired of walking into a cold home then having to wait for the temperature to rise to your comfort level? Just widen the geofence radius around your home and set up climate control rules so that your home begins adjusting the temperature inside the home automatically before you have even made it to the neighborhood. Let Ron Anderson and the team at ASI demonstrate the ease of the Geo-Services package and why it is right for your home.


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Ron Anderson