Whether for a single location or a commercial enterprise with sites scattered
across several states, Anderson Security Integration has a solution for you to take
control of your video-based security needs. When the CamCloud Surveillance
system is installed at your business, there is no longer a need to purchase new
recording equipment, backup systems, or do you have critical floorspace absorbed
by massive storage cabinets for maintaining recorded footage.

Designed to work with most of the leading brands of cameras on the market
today, you can have full confidence that you have the largest support available in
the market today. The CamCloud platform is entirely PLUG & PLAY with no
elaborate configuration required or the need for extensive service expertise to get
set up. The CamCloud system is a hardware-free platform, allowing access and
control of an infinite number of cameras or physical locations, all while fully
integrating into your local systems, storage devices, and video encoders.

When there is an issue with any of the cameras in your account, you will be
notified via text or e-mail. The CamCloud system also sends an alert if
unauthorized motion has been detected. While you also have an unlimited number
of users on your account, you can restrict the account privileges or which users
have access to view specific cameras. You can maintain and store essential video
surveillance safely off-site, where it cannot be compromised, in duration intervals
of 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days.

Through the streamlined TIMELINE feature of the mobile app, your own
private cloud archive is just a click away. Better yet, it can integrate with most
solutions you may already own in the event your internet service provider goes
down and is viewable through the cloud app. Without the CamCloud Surveillance
system installed at your business, your security remains vulnerable to a hardware
failure, damage by fire or water, and remains susceptible to burglary or employee


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Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson