The Burglar’s Checklist: Top 5 Targeted Items in Your Home

Top 5 Items Targeted in Your Home by Burglars | Indiana Home Security | ASI Security

There are an estimated 2 million-plus homes that fall victim to burglary every year. With such high numbers, it is always important to protect your home, you loved ones and your personal belongings. The average burglar can be in and out of a home within 15-20 minutes. Without a proper home security system, that number can easily go up. But, what are they really after?

Let’s take a look at the top five items burglars target when breaking into residential properties.

Cash | Top 5 Items Targeted by Burglars | Indiana Home Security

1. Cash

This is an obvious one. Maybe it is your personal security fund that you toss aside when you empty your pockets when you get home. Maybe it is your son’s or daughter’s piggy bank. Whatever the case burglars will seek out your stash of cash because it is extremely untraceable and can easily fit into a pocket. Even if you think it is safe in a safe, think again. They might just pull it out and take it with them.

2. Jewelry

Maybe it is a fascination with shiny objects or just the easily pawnable nature of jewelry that attracts burglars, but whatever the case, this is go-to for a home break-in. Most people assume that they will find your wife’s jewelry box wherever the night stand or makeup stand resides, so make it harder and put it somewhere less obvious. If you have irreplaceable heirlooms, think about a safety deposit box for safe keeping.

Prescription Drugs | Top 5 Items Targeted by Burglars | Indiana Home Security

3. Drugs

Desperate people do desperate things. If your burglar is one of the millions of people influenced by prescription drugs or knows the street value of any given substance, odds are they are going straight to the medicine cabinet.

TV | Top 5 Items Targeted by Burglars | Indiana Home Security

4. Electronics

In a technology-driven world, you home is riddled with computers, iPads, tablets, cell phones, and all or the other awesome gadgets we use today. This can be a bigger problem for you as most of these devices are tied to your personal accounts and credit card information. Make sure you are locking down your devices with password protection and back-up all of your data for safe keeping.

Tools | Top 5 Items Targeted by Burglars | Indiana Home Security

5. Tools

An open garage is a vulnerable garage. With devices like the MyQ BY Liftmaster, you can always be certain that your overhead garage door remains closed when it needs to be. Failing to keep it shut when you leave or are resting at home can result in theft of power tools and any other valuables that your store in your garage.

Leaving you, your family and your home to chance shouldn’t be an option and security cameras don’t actually mean security. Invest in smart home automation that guards your home against burglaries and rest easy at night knowing you are safe.

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