Freedom of Control: Home Automation Systems

Jul 6th, 2017

You have a home. You have a phone. You have a tablet. Add all of these up and you have all of the pieces that make up a powerful home automation control system, you just need to put the pieces in place. From smart light bulbs to doorbell cameras and even overhead garage door openers, you can set your home up to be automated at the push of a button. But, how do you do it?


Picking out what you need for home automation:

You might think you need a bunch of smart lightbulbs, some security cameras, and maybe a smart door lock and that will be all. But, you get home and find out you need another bulb and want to add a camera doorbell. Assessing and planning ahead will help you determine what is best for your home and your family. Enlisting the help of seasoned security professionals takes all of the headaches out and leaves your feel safe and secure.


What should I look for in a security professional?

Trying to determine who is the best option for your home is not always simple as SimpliSafe would have you believe. With mega-corporations spend millions of dollars marketing their product, you need to look past the flash and bang and seek out the substantial facts.

Are you setting up the system?

Is there a monthly fee?

Do they monitor and protect you?

Do you own your equipment outright?

What does their false alarm rate look like?

Asking those questions will help you determine the best company for the job. With ASI Security Solutions, our false alarm rate is under 1% and you own your equipment when you are with us and even when you leave us, though we don’t think you will.


But, can’t I do it myself?

Sure, you can go to the closest big-box chain like Best Buy or Lowes to find a hodge-podge mix of different home automation items, but there are some catches. All items are not created and they might not work in tandem with each other. Even worse, you will need to download each independent app to set up and run the system instead of managing it all from on control panel like ASI Connect. Make it easier on yourself and let a professional do the legwork for you.


How do I set up my home automation consultation?

It is easy. You can find loads of valuable information on our website or you can click here to schedule your no-obligation home automation consultation. Each consultation includes the following

Integrated Security Systems Discussion

We will walk you through our ASI Connect features, products, and show you a demo of the application software.

Security Analysis: We will conduct a 32 point analysis pinpointing improvements that can be made to ensure the security of your home.

Custom Layout: A member of our team will conduct a complimentary security layout of your home and go over it with you.

Cost Breakdown: We will go over the equipment costs, monthly monitoring fees, and costs of a monthly maintenance package


Now, let’s get you in control of your home.

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