Is Your Home Security System Tornado Preparedness Ready?

Apr 17th, 2017


As we all watched TV news reports showing the Starbucks in Kokomo crumpling like a house made of cards during last summer’s tornado outbreak, thoughts of “I’m sure glad that wasn’t my house!” probably crossed the minds of many viewers.

The EF3 tornado, packing winds of up to 165 mph, hit during the day and quickly leveled the popular coffee-drinking hangout in this city, located about an hour north of Indianapolis. Starbucks customers escaped serious injury by seeking shelter in a bathroom, and then Gov. Mike Pence called it a miracle that no one was killed or badly hurt. The tornado also damaged 1,000 homes, and completely destroyed 80 of them.

Preventing catastrophic damage caused by the mighty forces of Mother Nature may seem like an effort in futility, but your chances of protecting your family from harm increase substantially with a home security system that includes real-time Severe Weather alert notifications. Let ASI show you three ways a smart home security system with this feature protects your family during severe spring and summer storms.


Deadly Tornadoes

The strength of last summer’s EF3 tornado is not typical for Central Indiana, but they are known to occur, and often with deadly results.

Hoosiers tend to pay attention to tornado warnings issued for their immediate neighborhoods, and follow best practices to seek shelter. But if the only warning they receive comes from an outdoor tornado siren or TV or radio broadcast, they may not hear it.

In today’s electronics age, a smartphone is always within reach, whether it’s actually in your hand, on your pillow (we don’t recommend this!) or getting dropped in the toilet. So it just makes sense to use the app’s Severe Weather Alert system. It monitors real-time data from the National Weather Service and sends alerts to your home security system to warn about approaching tornadoes and other severe storms.


Power Outages

Severe spring storms knock down trees and electrical lines, causing widespread power outages that sometimes stretch out for days. You can keep your home secure and stay connected even when the power goes out and stays out.

The security system includes a 24-hour battery backup for weather emergencies, and a dedicated cellular connection that doesn’t rely on your power, phone line or broadband. It continues to signal for help even when those systems go out, and your home stays connected to a professional monitoring station.


Flood Damage

Hoosiers may not own oceanfront property, but they’re no strangers to floods. Following storms with heavy rain, calls to contractors typically pour in with requests to repair damage from sump pump failures and basement flooding.

When groundwater suddenly rises under your house, you want to know that your sump pump is working and keeping your home dry. With an alert on your smartphone from, you’ll know exactly when it stops working so you can act quickly to minimize the damage.

You know the drill when it comes to spring storms in Indiana. Let ASI help you shelter the people that matter the most.


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