Smart Homes, Smart Savings, and Precision Comfort

Aug 30th, 2016

Smart Homes are steadily becoming more and more mainstream and their owners are becoming increasingly excited about all the potential they hold.  Not only do Smart Homes offer a smarter environment, they now offer a safer, more convenient, and more efficient environment, too.

Adding a Smart Thermostat is great for delivering energy savings. While those energy savings are great, they’re only as good as they are smart. What do we mean? If you’re saving energy hand over foot in one room of your house but doing nothing for the rest of the house, how much good are you really doing? And if only one room of your house is reaping the benefits of the Smart Thermostat we’re willing to bet you aren’t quite as comfortable as you could be. Up until recently, those devices only took into consideration the temperature of the room it was located in.

Up until recently, those devices only took into consideration the temperature of the room it was located in. Now, thanks to, we have a whole new generation of Smart Thermostats that are – you guessed it – Smarter than ever.  The new Smart Thermostats are designed to provide precision comfort AND smart savings by using advanced cloud intelligence that uses data from remote temperature and activity sensors.

By using the remote temperature and activity sensors the new Smart Thermostats allow you to save when you leave the house, when you leave a door open, and on days when the temperature soars sky high.


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