By Nathan Fall


We don’t live in a cookie cutter world. It’s also more important than ever to have services in your life that truly work. That’s why at ASI we’re proud of our commitment to providing exceptional security, value and ease of life for our clients. A huge part of that commitment is that we know how vital it is for your home to be understood as the unique and dynamic living space it is. 


You ask yourself: What does that mean? I’m trying to share that we don’t look at our clients alike. We walk into each new home with fresh perspective, working hard to understand the living patterns, needs and unique circumstances that all contribute to your security profile. We tailor solutions to the needs you have, not your neighbor’s. We actually care to deliver phenomenal workmanship and service. 


It starts in the minute details and ends in the results. We start with trusted and cutting edge hardware, used in your home to provide accurate information. With layers of protection, you’re not relying on a single point of defense to protect your home and life; you’re blanketed with protection. We don’t hire subcontractors to do our dirty work; our technicians handle every phase of the installation process. This ensures that no shortcuts are taken, no wires are crossed, and our promises are delivered. 


At ASI, we’re not a flash in the pan. For over 27 years, we’ve been in the security business in central Indiana, evolving and bolstering our services as technology has grown. We combine the best of both worlds, pairing trusted and reliable service with innovative technology, to ensure that your experience is unmatched. There’s a reason we have customers as old as our name. 


At ASI, we want you to know that we’re proud of our results and eager to show you the difference we can make in your home and business. Whether you’re looking for basic security or something more complex, we’re confident that we can go the extra mile and introduce you to your solutions. Let us show you what we do.

Written by

Nathan Fall

Nathan Fall