Complete Wellness Monitoring For Your Loved Ones

ASI Thrive helps you support and monitor aging family members without being intrusive with remove, interactive technology.


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Learn more about this complete wellness monitoring solution that will help you care and support loved ones without being intrusive.

Unmatched Value & Affordability

Independence and peace of mind, for less than you spend on your daily coffee habit.


Between $70 – $80 per month

Assisted Living

Average of $8,121.25 per month

Home Health Aide

Average of $1,900 per month*

*ASI Thrive is a great complement to in-home care

Why We Created Thrive


percent of people 65+ want to stay in current home as they age.


percent of people are interested in technology to monitor health at home.


percent of retirees are interested in new tech to reduce home expenses.

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Peace of Mind + Independence = THRIVE

“Haven’t heard from grandma. I hope she’s ok.”

“Did dad take his medication this morning?”

“I wonder if mom left for her morning walk.”

“I hope grandpa isn’t wandering at night again.”

``It seems like Dad hasn't moved in a while. Maybe I should check on him.``

Thrive helps you ensure the wellness of aging loved ones, for a tiny fraction of what you’d spend on in-home care or assisted living.


What’s more: Thrive doesn’t just alert you to emergencies — it prevents them by alerting you to emerging issues before they evolve into a crisis. It also deploys immediate assistance to emergencies.

Who Needs Thrive?

We support loved ones across the aging continuum, including:

50 - 64 Years old

Active Aging

  • Security
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Fitness & Health
  • Second Home
  • Remote Home Access
  • Late Sandwich Generation

65 - 74 Years old


  • Independent Living
  • Health & Wellness
  • Retired
  • Traveling
  • Low-Risk Profile but Accidents Can Happen

75+ Years old

Older Adults

  • Wellness & Safety
  • Independent Living with Supportive Services
  • Peace of Mind
  • Connected Caregivers
  • Remote Home Management

ASI Thrive was designed to provide a safety net of technology that learns living patterns so you can monitor your loved ones without being intrusive. This is a smart wellness solution that:

Identifies and alerts you to declining health trends before they evolve into biggest issues.

Simplifies routines with automated temperature, lights, and security settings.

Deploys emergency response, 24/7.

Provides better ways to access help and care.

Requires no change in lifestyle.

Complements in-home care and creates synergy with home care providers.

Know if Mom or Dad got out of bed this morning

See when they left for their morning walk

Receive notifications if Grandma misses her medication

Receive fire or carbon monoxide alerts

In case of emergency, remotely unlock doors

Know if the stove has been left on