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Vacation travelers want convenience and comfort from their accommodations. As the owner of a vacation rental property, it’s up to you to provide personalized experiences for your guests while implementing effective operational processes. Our home automation products are a great way to strike a balance of benefits for you and your guests. Here are just a few benefits that accompany a smart vacation rental home.

As a rental owner, your properties won’t be occupied constantly so problems may go unnoticed for a long time and do extensive damage. Our security and home automation system can let you check up on your property remotely. You can receive immediate environmental alerts for pressing dangers like carbon monoxide, fire, or water leaks. These sensors provide peace of mind even from miles away.

Vacation rental properties are often burglarized or vandalized. Perpetrators often target such properties because they appear vacant. Set a schedule for the smart lights so they’ll activate at different times throughout the day and evening, simulating a presence in the home. Our doorbell camera with two-way audio can also be used to give you a further advantage. Smart home features can reduce the risk of a break-in.

Your most powerful tool might just be a smart, keyless lock. Utilizing a smart lock means that you can say goodbye to losing, transferring, and recovering keys. You can control the codes or lock/unlock the door yourself, through our app. Guests are even 61% more likely to rent the property if a keyless entry is advertised as it provides extra security for their family with a unique code. For the owner of the property, a smart lock means time and money saved. You no longer need to travel to and from the rental property for a guest who has forgotten their key. You also don’t need to have extra keys lying around or need to update or change locks. Keyless smart locks are a game changer.

People are willing to pay more for the comfort and convenience that comes with smart home products and automation. Attract guests by advertising features like ASI’s home security systems, smart lights, smart locks and smart thermostats. They allow guests to control lighting and heating with their voice or the touch of a button. These tools can increase your property’s value and give you a competitive edge.

Smart home products make properties more efficient, but a guest renting your property isn’t going to think about cutting down on energy usage to save money. As the owner, you certainly will. Smart home devices help cut costs by allowing you to check remotely that all the lights were turned off after a guest checks out and that the thermostat is set to an appropriate energy and cost saving temperature.

Home automation can make life easier for everyone involved. Automated features in a vacation rental property help you provide an excellent experience for your guests while also managing costs.

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Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson