Smart Products, Smarter Homes

Smart Locks
Lock-up your home and rest easy with smart locks.
Security Cameras
Check-in on activity from one app, so you can enjoy your time away.
Smart Garage Openers
Gone are the days of forgetting to close the garage door.
Connected Lights
Save money and energy with app-controlled lights.
and many more home automation products to choose from…

Get Your Free Home Security Consultation

How It Works

We will walk you through our ASI Connect features, products, and show you a demo of the application software.

Security Analysis

We will conduct a 32 point analysis pinpointing improvements that can be made to ensure the security of your home.

Your Custom Layout

A member of our team will conduct a complimentary security layout of your home and go over it with you.

Cost Breakdown

We will go over the equipment costs, monthly monitoring fees, and costs of a monthly maintenance package.

Connect Your Home With Smart Products

ASI Connect

ASI Connect will allow you to have full control of your home. From security cameras to light control, ASI Connect is the home security solution customized to fit your every need. Don’t leave your safety to chance. With ASI Connect you are 100% covered, 100% of the time.
Smart Products for Smart Security
Choose from Z-wave Thermostats, Lights, Locks, Overhead Garage Doors Openers, Video Cameras, and more!
24/7 Security Notifications
With ASI Connect, you have the option of customizing notifications for specified events that trigger your system. Your pre-defined notifications can be received via email or text message.
App Ready
Stay secure, even when you’re on the go. All ASI Connect Security systems come ready for your mobile, tablet, and web use. Apps are available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
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Not what you’re looking for? Let an ASI Team Member help you today.

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