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Did you know that your landscaping choices can affect the security of your home? You can have both negative or positive effects on how safe your home is simply by choosing one type of bush over another.  It may seem like a trivial thing to think about, but it’s true.  If you’re not careful your choices may detract from your home security.  If you’re being mindful with your decision making, however, they can actually improve it.

Keep Hedges Cut Back And Neatly Trimmed.

You can help reduce hiding places from would-be burglars by keeping hedges trimmed.  For example, an overgrown or misshapen bush can provide the perfect cover for someone planning to break-in, especially after dark. However, a bush that is kept well-trimmed and cut back won’t provide enough cover for someone to hide behind.

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Choose Plants That Provide Added Protection.

Rose bushes are beautiful plants that add curb appeal to your home but their thorns provide added security if they are planted under your windows.  Those thorns are an excellent deterrent for anyone that may try to enter your home through a window for a few reasons.  Not only would they be unpleasant should a person fall into them, but they are less likely to conceal someone trying to hide, and they also provide the opportunity for pieces of clothing or DNA to be gathered by police should the need arise.

Use Exterior Lighting to Eliminate Hiding Spots.

Exterior lighting is yet another way to add to the security of your home through your landscaping.  Using exterior lighting to illuminate your walkways, bushes, and yard can help reduce how many hiding places there are on your property at night.  While it is important to make sure your yard is well it at night, avoid the use of overly bright lights.  Lights that are too bright create deep shadows and make it even harder to see in the darkest areas around your home. Take it a step further by setting exterior lights up on a timer to help ensure they’re doing their job even if you aren’t home.

Follow these tips and tricks to enhance your home’s security and protect yourself from unwanted intruders.  For more safety and security tips year round follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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