You finally settle in to relax on that first day of the long-planned Christmas vacation, and your phone rings. A frantic voice of the neighbor you entrusted to watch your home informs you that shortly after your departure, the temperatures dropped lower than expected, and you had a pipe burst, flooding your home with water.

In almost every case, pipe ruptures occur within the walls, under sinks, or behind appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. The threat remains virtually invisible until it is too late. Although they caught it early and the damage could have been far worse, it could have been prevented.

The ASI Water Management system offered by Anderson Security Integration monitors your water usage to detect leaks and automatically shut them down. If temperatures drop and the basement needs a boost of emergency heat, your ASI Water Management system will let you know. Water temperature monitoring and your system's remote temperature sensors will help provide that peace of mind you need to enjoy a worry-free vacation away from your most expensive investment for your family, your home. Homeowners can remotely turn the home’s water on or off with their integrated ASI security app. They can protect the most susceptible areas of their home with small, wireless water sensors that provide instantaneous alerts 24/7 adding another layer of home security. As soon as a water issue is detected, the system can automatically shut off water to the home when a sensor is triggered.

Beyond leak detection, the added feature of sump pump sensors provides constant monitoring to alert when the water level rises too high or when the pump has malfunctioned. Excessive water usage; running toilets can be discovered by using the ASI Water Management system.

The best part? The ASI Water Management system fully integrates into your current ASI security system! When you face a sudden emergency, the ASI Water Management system is always on guard. The few minutes it takes to call could be the difference between the years of recovering from a disaster and the peace of mind that comes with proactive prevention.

Let Ron Anderson and his team of security experts at Anderson Security Integration (ASI) provide your family with 24/7 support of the latest innovative solutions. Contact us today for pricing and availability!


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Ron Anderson