Trust your kids with the keys, but keep your eyes on the road. (1)

It is after midnight, and they haven't called. Could it be an accident on a dark country road? A flat tire? While a dead cell phone could be the reason for no call, the possibilities for the delay that run through your mind, as the hour hand passes beyond the curfew you set for a teenaged son or daughter, worrying about the what-ifs! It's something, as a parent, you do much too often.

Let Ron Anderson, and his team of security experts at Anderson Security
Integration (ASI); provide the peace of mind you seek; with their 24/7 support of the latest innovative solutions. The best part? You can install this plug-and-play device yourself in less than a few minutes! A step-by-step guide is provided through our installation wizard. Plus, it's designed to integrate with the ASI Mobile App.

The Car Connector quickly and easily plugs into an OBD-II port, standard on vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later, connecting it to the ASI platform.
The system allows up to five Car Connectors to be used simultaneously on a single customer account, ensuring the entire family can be covered. The device also utilizes 4G LTE GPS technology; for real-time location tracking and vehicle status.

Not only can you track the precise location of your vehicles, view engine performance, and analyze fuel efficiency all from your fingertips with the ASI Mobile App. You also get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with real-time driver safety alerts, diagnostics, and much more.

The Car Connector provides a constant stream of vital information, even when it's parked, with the engine off. The device goes into hibernating if the car’s engine has been off for at least seven days, preventing the battery from draining.
Once the engine is started again, the Car Connector will resume operation and provide real-time data to help you keep your vehicle in good working order.

The Car Connector will notify you when; the Check Engine indicator is triggered and when the battery or fuel is low!

The ASI Mobile App allows you to select the percentage of fuel available below when it gets to that: a notification will be sent straight to your phone.
You can even analyze fuel efficiency to help detect problems before they occur. Through the App, you can configure the sensitivity that will trigger notifications such as; when the vehicle’s acceleration rate is suddenly increased. When a preset vehicle speed has been exceeded. Or when the vehicle’s brakes are applied too hard. It can also alert you when unexpected movement occurs, such as if your car is stolen. This system can also put your mind at ease when tied with your existing ASI services.

Another feature of the Car Connect is that it can be fully integrated into your current ASI security system. It allows the automation of smart-home settings based on the location of their vehicles, such as those already used in climate controls, lighting, and security systems.


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“Trust your kids with the keys, but keep your eyes on the road”


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Ron Anderson