Senior Couple Using Tablet Computer At Outdoor Cafe

As people get older, some are uncomfortable with the reversal of roles that often takes place as they age. Their children slowly take on the part of caregiver that they played for so many years. This unease makes it difficult when the adult child needs to teach their parent something, and often this is regarding a new smart device or application.

The uses and benefits of integrating technology into our lives seem apparent to those who use it regularly, but most seniors tend to shy away from using them. Only 26% of internet users ages 65 and over say they feel very confident when using computers, smartphones or other electronic devices. But almost 75% of older internet users that do go online say they do so at least daily. It would seem that once they are comfortable, they use it to their advantage. Here are a few tips to help the seniors in your life embrace technology.

Ease Into It

Learning new technology can be frustrating for anyone. This is especially true for those who didn’t grow up with continually evolving technology. When showing seniors the capabilities of a new phone or device, take it slow. Depending on their technological literacy, it may be overwhelming for them to discard an old method for something they are less comfortable with.

Ask them what they would like more or less of in their lives and let their answers inform what you sorts of devices and applications you show them. If they wish they could see their family more, then perhaps a good place to start would be Facetime or Skype so that they can communicate more visually.

Recruit Grandchildren

Attempting to teach your parent can be straining on your relationship. If your parent is not as receptive as you’d like, try recruiting the grandchildren to help them learn. Hands-on demonstration from their grandchildren can be beneficial for both. Not only will the senior learn things like how to send pictures to your family’s group chat, but the grandchild will get to spend more time strengthening their relationship with their grandparent.

Stress patience to the grandchildren so that the senior can move at their own pace.

You may start by having the grandkid adjust the device’s brightness, font size, and other accessibility settings so that it the senior can view it better.

Teach Internet Safety

Find a balanced way to talk to the older adults in your life about some of the dangers online. You don’t want to scare them out of using new technology, but you also don’t want to downplay any concerns you might have. Unfortunately, seniors are often targets of fraud because of their unfamiliarity with the internet. Discuss how to stay safe online by choosing secure passwords and what types of information should or should not be shared. Keep them up-to-date with security software and any recent scams.

Discuss the Benefits

Once a senior is shown how technology can improve their lives and make tasks more convenient, they will be more likely to embrace it in their everyday lives. Not only do smartphones and devices let seniors be more social and connect with friends and family, but applications like ASI Connect Wellness Solutions can help them remain independent.

Automatic functions can be programmed into the system to help save energy and make everyday life easier like setting room temperatures to make sure they are comfortable and turning lights off and on for security and energy-saving purposes.

Helping seniors embrace technology can greatly improve their quality of life. Implementing technology like smart home sensors and devices can reduce stress in their lives as well as the lives of their caregivers. Thrive from ASI can give you peace of mind that the seniors in your life stay safe and healthy.

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Written by

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson