By Nathan Fall

When it comes to home security, confusion abounds. What exactly is it — is it cameras all around the house or simply magic? We’re here to clear all of that up. With simple terminology and a quick explanation of each component you’re likely to find in one of our custom security solutions, this is your ASI security primer.

The Panel

Tucked away in a garage, utility room or closet, this metal cabinet is the heart and soul of everything. It collects inputs from the sensors in your house and signals our monitoring station when something goes wrong.

The Keypad

If you’re not using our ASI Connect App to arm and disarm your system, you’ll use the keypad. Simply key in your passcode to arm or disarm the system. The keypad will also communicate vital information to you, such as a battery that needs changed or an issue with your system.

The Door Contact

Arguably the most flexible and capable device around, the door contact can give you a wealth of information. You’ll find these sensors installed on your exterior doors but they can be customized in a lot of ways. Perhaps you want a push notification that your whiskey cabinet was opened when you and your wife weren’t home but your teenager was.

The Glassbreak Detector

Instead of putting contacts on each window in your home, which is expensive and laborious, we employ glassbreak detectors. These remarkable sensors are tuned in to the sound of breaking glass — If your system is armed and glass is broken, they’ll trigger your alarm. Look for these devices in rooms with windows.

The Smoke Detector

This is straightforward but essential. Rather than using smoke detectors that just scream when they sense a fire, ASI’s smoke detectors call for help immediately. You’ll find these sensors on the ceiling.

The Motion Detector

Another straightforward but useful device, the motion detector is useful for areas like garages and other utility spaces. If you have pets, you won’t find these in your ASI system.

We don’t want anyone to be left in the dark. Hopefully, you enjoyed this quick rundown of ASI security sensors. This is a rudimentary primer of the basics of security — every system we install is customized to that home and set of needs so it’s never quite the same. As always, if you have questions, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to show you more!