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ASI Interactive Security

More than just a smart app or a cool thermostat, ASI Connect Interactive seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform so they work together and work smarter. Each system is easily customized to your home’s unique configuration and your family’s needs.

Video Monitoring

Live Video

HD quality and great lowlight performance make for crystal clear video. Use your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video while away from your property.


Safe Storage

Tamper resistant offsite video storage, wireless communications and cloud hosting provide better reliability.


ASI Connect’s Geo-Services knows when you are coming and leaving your home. It can automatically trigger your system to send you an arming reminder, turn your outside lights on or off, or even cool your home to the perfect temperature before you get home.

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    Control your entire home with just one tap on your smart phone. ASI Connect’s Scenes feature lets you adjust multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you are waking up or going to bed, your home can be the way you want it instantly.

    Energy Management

    ASI Connect’s Energy management feature connects your thermostats and lighting to your Security system for a smarter, more responsive set up of options for saving energy and money. Manage your lights and temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system and family activity. Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away.

    Intelligent Lighting

    Smart lighting is one of the most desirable aspects of the smart home. With ASI Connect you can light and dim any room in the house just by using your smartphone to create the perfect ambience. Intelligent lighting is a valuable way to give your home a lived-in look even when you are out of town. To make it more realistic, your smart lights should run on a dynamic schedule to conceal the fact that you’re automating.

    Crash & Smash Protection

    A crash and smash burglary is when an intruder targets the home’s security panel to prevent it from sending an emergency signal to central station. They “crash” through the front door and then “smash” the security panel before the set delay time expires.

    ASI Connect’s Crash & Smash Protection is a patented technology that alerts central station if your alarm panel goes “offline” prior to receiving an abort signal from the homeowner even before the set delay time expires. This feature insures response from authorities even if the intruder smashes the alarm panel. Keeping your property and loved ones safe.

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