According to Gallup, the average American family will have spent almost $1,000[1] on Christmas gifts this year, at least half of which will consist of online purchases.[2] Just a year ago, more than two billion online shoppers contributed to exponential growth in online transactions – a figure which is expected to top six-trillion dollars by 2023.[3] That means a lot of holiday packages left at the doorstep! Unfortunately, up to one third of those gifts for our kids, friends, or other relatives will never get to be opened on Christmas morning and financial losses more than five-billion dollars4.

With fewer holiday shoppers venturing out to brick-and-mortar stores, a growth in online purchases also results in an increased opportunity for “package piracy”. According to one 2019 survey, at least 30% of Americans have experienced some level of package theft. Because of this trend, some states have enacted Porch Piracy laws to increase punishment and deter theft[4] However, in most states law enforcement has their hands tied to proactive measures that would prevent theft and led innovators such as former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, to partner find a solution on their own.[5] While most people do not have the determination or resources to develop our own deterrent7, many companies are responding in their own way.

Although there are some proactive suggestions for not leaving packages unattended, such as ship to store[6] or alternative delivery locations such as delivery to a neighbor9, getting tracking and text alerts, adding signature requirements, or even opting for the installation of a porch lockbox[7], most are ineffective or just not at all practical. Among the solutions[8] recommended, one retailer has developed a plan to encourage their patrons to allow access by their delivery drivers to the garage. Providing access to your garage or other areas of your home to un-vetted persons is not at all maintaining security for your family.

The experts at Anderson Security Integration (ASI) should be your go-to source that offer solutions which are the best options for deterrents to package theft and prevention[9]. Security experts will agree, the installation of security cameras and video doorbell systems should be considered to stop it from happening in the first place. With ASI fully integrated security systems, the motion cameras will send automatic alerts to your mobile device the moment a package is delivered as well as if anyone even approaches it. The moment someone steps near your door, you are able to interact with them directly through Skybel, a two-way audio camera system. This way you can instruct a delivery driver to better conceal your package or deter any would-be thieves from running off with your packages. When the undeterred package pirate does manage to take off with any item that has just been delivered, the high-definition video can provide the authorities with the best chances to identify the culprit and prevent them from stealing from your neighbors and friends. Make the call to ASI today! Tell them Harry and Marv sent you!




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