Pet security solutions in Indiana

Love Your Pets with Pet Security

Pet security solutions in Indiana

Ask any pet owner how much they love their dog or cat and you’re likely to receive a barrage of funny and endearing anecdotes about how pets bring joy to our lives. Our animals love us unconditionally and protect us fearlessly, and most pet owners want to do the same for their four-legged friends.

When it comes to protecting your home and family, the loyalty of a good watch dog is second to none. They stand guard in the middle of the night, alert you to any danger and keep vigil over your loved ones. But are you keeping your pets just as safe? Are they protected if you leave the house? Could you find them if they went missing?

An Smart Home from ASI provides added benefits for pets and their owners. Here are some options to consider to keep your pets as safe as possible.

Pet Monitoring Camera

Is your new puppy wreaking havoc in your home while you’re at work? Check in on them anytime with our pet-friendly wireless alarm system. Utilizing an image sensor or video camera connected to your app, the system keeps you connected all day long, and allows you to do a little puppy peeking while enjoying that coffee break.

Worried your home security system will cause false alarms with every move your pet makes throughout the day? You can customize where you place the image sensors with sensitive motion detection throughout your home. Try placing the sensor upside down so that they point straight ahead and up, instead of down where your pets tend to roam.

Hearing weird noises in your attic, but not seeing any evidence of unwanted intruders? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to hire an animal removal specialist, just employ your video cameras to identify the ruckus and remove them humanely.

Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Going out of town, but need someone to feed your cat or walk your dog? Give them limited access with an individual code using your smart access control on your home security system. No more leaving the key under the mat or dealing with the hassle of copying keys.

The smart access control lets you create unique user codes for a trusted family friend or dog walker to use during a set time that you control. Say the dog walker comes between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their individual code only works during that time period, and the customized alerts on your phone or tablet notify you when they arrive and when they leave, or if they don’t show up at all.

Want to make sure your pet receives the proper love and attention from a pet sitter? Use the pet video monitor to randomly check in on the cuddles your pet’s getting while you’re away.

Find Missing Pets

There’s nothing worse than losing a pet – except maybe the heart-stopping panic that hits you when you suddenly lose sight of your child in a public place. Sometimes a pet simply escapes or suddenly goes missing from your yard. You can now find a missing cat or dog using the Smart Pet Tracking powered by your app.

The Tagg GPS Plus device, available from ASI, your authorized service provider, connects to your pet’s collar and provides GPS tracking and activity monitoring, and even lets you know if your pet is too hot or too cold. With more than 10 million pets reported lost in the U.S. each year, you can keep your pets safe and know exactly where they are with a simple tap on your phone.

Keep showering your pets with love and we’ll help you keep them safe and secure, so they can do the same for you. Want to learn more about our Pet Security options? Contact us today.

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