Apr 6th, 2016

Here at ASI, we believe that when it comes to your home, it’s okay to be a control freak.  We think you should be able to connect to your home with the touch of a button anywhere you are.  Fortunately, agrees and has made it easier than ever for us to provide you with complete control over your home, wherever you may be. Now you can control all of your in-home smart devices from your phone or tablet through the use of one app.

Complete Control Over Your Energy Consumption

The app lets you check and control your connected energy devices, like your interior and exterior lights.  For a lot of people in Indiana, Winter means coming home from work in the dark.  Have you ever had to leave your porch lights on all day just so you could see when you got home? If you’re thinking that now you can flip on your lights when you’re close to home, so you can still see but save on your electric bill, you would be right. It’s as easy as touching a button.  Have you ever dashed out of the house in a hurry in the morning and come home later in the day to find you left a few lights on? Never again! Now, you can tell if you’ve left those lights on through your app and turn them off, even if you’re already at work.

SmartTherm_mobileUI_webComplete Control Over Your Comfort

The app also lets you check on, and control, your thermostat from your phone or tablet.  Not only can this help you save money and keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but it also helps you keep an eye on things when you aren’t at home.  Let’s say you’re going on vacation for a few days and the house will be empty. There’s really no need to heat the whole house while you’re gone, right? To cut costs, you can set the temperature lower than you would if you were home.  Then, so you can still come home to a comfortably warm house, turn the heat back up a couple of hours prior to your arrival.  What if the weather gets cold enough that you’re concerned about your pipes freezing while you’re out of town? You can keep an eye on the temperature in your home and adjust it as needed. Crisis averted!

ipad_arming_disarmedComplete Control Over Your Security

Another incredible feature of the app is control over the locks on your doors, garage door controls, and your security system.  When you have smart locks on your doors you can lock them or unlock them from anywhere. Did your kids forget their house key this morning? No problem, with the touch of a button you can unlock the door for them no matter where you are.  Can’t remember if you closed the garage door on your way out? Use your app to close it without having to turn around. Not sure if you armed your security system when you left? You guessed it! Pulling up your app allows you to make sure you armed your security system before leaving and to fix it in case you forgot.

Kids are homeComplete Control Over the Unexpected House Guest

As a homeowner (and fellow control freak) you probably want to know what’s going on in your home, or more importantly, who is in your home at all times.  Once again, we can help.  By setting up the proper notifications you can receive real-time alerts letting you know who is opening your door and disarming your system every time it happens. For example, when your kids come home from school, open the door, and disarm the system you can receive a text alert letting you know that the front door opened and the system was disarmed by your daughter. Take it a step further by pairing your system with a surveillance camera, and you can also receive a video clip of the events letting you know that your children are home safely with no unexpected house guests in tow.

 Complete control over your home and your peace of mind have never been easier. Are you ready to be a control freak?

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