Take Vulnerability Out of the Equation with Crash & Smash Protection

There are many awesome features that helped us decide to partner with Alarm.com, but their patented Crash & Smash Protection is by far our favorite.

What is Crash & Smash Protection?

Crash and Smash protection is an exclusive proactive safeguard against burglars who aim to ‘crash’ through your door and ‘smash’ your security system panel as quickly as possible, in order to keep it from sending out an emergency signal. This technique often defeats other security systems, but Alarm.com‘s patented Crash & Smash technology keeps that from happening.

How does it work?

Most security systems are programmed to allow an entry delay of 30-60 seconds for you to get into the house and disarm your system before an alarm goes off.  An experienced burglar can take advantage of your entry delay by listening to where the entry delay beeps are coming from, quickly locating the panel, and destroying it with a hammer to effectively prohibit it from sending out an emergency signal.  With exclusive Crash & Smash protection from Alarm.com you’re taking entry delay vulnerability out of the equation. When you open your door and your system begins its entry delay, it immediately sends out a signal. If either a ‘disarm’ or an ’emergency’ signal isn’t received shortly after, a suspected ‘Crash & Smash’ event is reported to the monitoring station even if your panel has been attacked. Not only does Alarm.com notify your monitoring station of an issue, it then takes it a step further and alerts you and your loved ones that there is a suspected “Crash & Smash” event at your home so no one walks into a potentially dangerous situation.

‘Crash & Smash’ protection is offered with most of our alarm systems. Let us help you protect what matters. Request a consultation today.

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