Upgrade to Wireless Home Security with Alarm.com’s SEM

So you just move in and discover your new home comes with a hardwired alarm system that previously connected to an alarm company, but is no longer active. Or maybe you installed an alarm system years ago in the home you plan to never leave, and you’re considering a possible upgrade. Sure, you can spend … more »

Love Your Pets with Pet Security

Ask any pet owner how much they love their dog or cat and you’re likely to receive a barrage of funny and endearing anecdotes about how pets bring joy to our lives. Our animals love us unconditionally and protect us fearlessly, and most pet owners want to do the same for their four-legged friends.   … more »

Make Life Easier with a Smart Home

Life makes demands on all of us. At ASI, we get that. We all work long hours, try to spend quality time with our families and attempt to keep our homes running as smoothly as possible.   While cloning might not be an option, wouldn’t life be a little easier if we could just automate … more »

Is Your Home Poison Proof?

One of life’s greatest joys is raising children. It’s also one of the hardest jobs on the planet. You worry about them as babies – are they getting enough to eat? You worry about them as toddlers – did they swallow that tiny battery? You worry about them as teenagers – will they make it … more »

Is Your Home Security Ready for Spring?

Ahh, spring! It’s so close we can almost feel the warm rays of sunshine and smell the freshly cut grass and blooming flowers. As you put away the winter coats and think about opening storm doors and windows, now is the time to protect your home against spring dangers. The emerging sunny season poses security issues … more »

Home Security Systems for Renters

Renting your first home or apartment? Welcome to the world of adulting! Or maybe you’re an empty nester who’s decided to forgo the joys (and hard work) of owning a home and moved into a condo with better proximity to restaurants and entertainment? No matter what stage of life, feeling secure in your own home … more »

Fire Safety and Severe Weather Protection for Your Home

While we all enjoy this brief respite from winter with spring-like weather in February, Hoosiers know an unexpected snowstorm and sudden drop in temperatures may lurk just around the corner (at least until high school basketball sectionals conclude in March!) You may be tempted to turn off the furnace and light a fire or plug … more »

Smart Homes, Smart Savings, and Precision Comfort

Smart Homes are steadily becoming more and more mainstream and their owners are becoming increasingly excited about all the potential they hold.  Not only do Smart Homes offer a smarter environment, they now offer a safer, more convenient, and more efficient environment, too. Adding a Smart Thermostat is great for delivering energy savings. While those … more »

First Aid: Is Your First Aid Kit Complete?

If you’ve been following us on social media this week you already know that we’ve been talking about first aid for all different types of situations. Today we’re going to narrow our focus and talk about something you need for almost every situation that requires first aid.  We’re talking about a first aid kit and … more »

Natural Disaster Preparation for Midwestern Families

We are no strangers to natural disasters here in the Midwest.  In fact, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve definitely had our fair share. In the past 50 years, we’ve seen floods, blizzards, fires, more than a few tornadoes, and even a few earthquakes.  And if you’re from Indiana, you already know that … more »

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