Smart Ways to Save Energy This Summer

May 18th, 2017

Every homeowner knows energy efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to cooling a home during the hot summer months and saving money on high utility bills. While regulating the temperature in your home with a smart thermostat gives you some control, a smart home security system connected to a smart thermostat can give you total control.


Most programmable thermostats are confined to one room and provide limited information about the activity happening in your home. They don’t automatically adapt to your schedule or react to real-life triggers in a busy family.


A Smarter Smart Thermostat

By integrating an Smart Thermostat with your smart home security system from ASI, you can keep the temperature regulated throughout a variety of summer scenarios with a simple tap on your smartphone. With a wireless connection to all of the sensors and devices in your security system, the thermostat understands what’s happening in every room of your home, and it adapts to fit your schedule.


Going to work, and want to give your air conditioner a break? The app knows when you leave home, and saves energy by automatically adjusting the temperature. Or maybe you’re on your way home and want to relax in a cool, comfortable environment when you arrive? Thanks to GEO services, your smartphone’s location tells the app to anticipate your arrival and triggers your thermostat to a cooler setting.


Seem like the kids want to cool the entire neighborhood by constantly leaving doors and windows open? Stay on top of energy savings by knowing when doors and windows are open and when they shouldn’t be with an alert from your home security system. Sensors applied to every door and window trigger that alert, and you can customize your smart thermostat to switch to “savings” mode while a door is open and back to “comfort” mode when it’s closed.


The Smart Thermostat even monitors the local weather using data from the National Weather Service to determine how hard it needs to work on a particularly hot day, and it dials back a few degrees if needed. Does your utility company offer discounts or incentives as part of a program to handle spikes for electricity demands? Our thermostat is compatible with many of these programs, and helps you and your community save energy.


Smart thermostats are just one of many smart energy-saving devices that can be incorporated into your home security system. Save energy with connected lighting, garage-door openers, smart locks and more. ASI installs it all, your app controls everything, and you get a simple solution that keeps all of your devices working together.


Here are some other ways to save energy this summer:

  • Maintain your HVAC system and clean your filters. Without proper maintenance and clean filters, your HVAC system works harder than it needs to, resulting in energy waste.
  • Weatherize your windows and doors. Drafts seeping through a window or door also requires your A/C to work harder. Inspect for gaps and apply weatherstripping.
  • Install a ceiling fan. Circulating air inside your home with a fan and open windows provides natural energy efficiency and gives your A/C a break.


Contact ASI for energy-saving solutions today.


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