A Better Kind Of Commercial Surveillance

May 11th, 2016

If you’re a business owner, you probably think about protecting your business on a daily basis.  Protecting your business can take a variety of forms from making sound financial decisions and hiring reliable and trustworthy employees, to having emergency preparedness plans in place or an insurance policy in case something happens.

Like an insurance policy, security cameras have traditionally been purchased as a “just in case” safety measure. After they are installed they often sit, forgotten and unchecked, until something happens. When that “something” occurs, relief quickly settles in as you fondly remember the security cameras you purchased for just this type of occasion. Sound familiar? Well, at this point in the story, the scene can play out in several different ways.

Scenario 1: Your surveillance system caught and recorded the entire incident. You have everything you need and you’re able to quickly provide it to the necessary authorities. 

We’ve started off on a great foot. Things have gone according to plan.  Your money was well spent and you’re pleased with the return on your investment. Scenario 1 is the ideal situation, unfortunately though, it’s not the one we see most often.

Scenario 2: Your surveillance system caught and recorded the incident. You have everything you need but are struggling to figure out how to share the footage with the necessary authorities. 

Scenario 2 isn’t without it’s ‘bugs’ but they certainly aren’t insurmountable issues, just inconvenient ones.  Still, your money was reasonably well spent and you’re pleased to be able to put the matter behind you.

Scenario 3: Your surveillance system recorded a portion of the incident, but the quality is poor and isn’t of much use to the authorities.

Uh oh, scenario 3 doesn’t sound so good. You bought a system but in the end, it failed you. Sure, you can prove that something happened, but no more and no less. That’s not so useful and definitely not good for your ROI.

Scenario 4: Your surveillance system didn’t work. It recorded nothing of the incident. There’s not a single thing to show during that time.

If you thought scenario 3 was bad, scenario 4 is infinitely worse. With no footage at all, you can’t even prove that something happened, let alone what happened. You might as well have never purchased the cameras for all the good they did. And you can forget about your ROI, that’s lost somewhere with the camera footage. So, now what do you do?

Forget about on-site recorders, retrieval issues, and lost or poor quality footage; they’re old news. There’s a better option: Falcam Cloud powered by SecureI from Alarm.com.   Falcam Cloud is a better option because it’s more reliable, more secure, easier to use, provides a higher quality footage, and it’s more affordable. Do we have your attention, now?Say Goodbye CommSurveillance

Here’s how it works: we install the cameras, the video is recorded and stored in the cloud, and you view the footage.  It’s that easy, and the cloud is what makes it all possible. When your video is recorded and stored on the cloud you no longer have a need for additional equipment, like an on-site recorder, that costs more and will eventually (and inevitably) fail.  Eliminating the off-site recorder reduces your equipment costs and maintenance costs helping to make the system more affordable all around. Plus, when your cameras use 24/7 off-site recording you instantly gain 24/7 monitoring that ensures your service is running smoothly, prevents lost and stolen video footage, and simultaneously increases the reliability and security of your surveillance system.  The only equipment you’ll really need to invest in is your cameras and we have a line of commercial grade High-Definition cameras that will erase all questions of footage quality.

As if all that weren’t enough, you can view your footage anytime of day or night, from anywhere you are. You can view live video feeds and review recorded footage from all of your business locations on your smart device with one interactive app.  Falcam Cloud is a sure way to maximize your return on investment. What more could you ask for?commercial surveillance

Falcam cloud is the way to go. It’s more reliable, more secure, easier to view and use, it provides higher quality footage, and it’s more affordable. We’re calling it a win, win, win, win, win.

Find out how to take your commercial surveillance to the next level today! Call us at 877.838.5625 or contact us HERE!


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