Smart Home Smarter Life

May 4th, 2016

If you’ve watched TV in recent years, most likely you already know a little bit about Smart Homes, whether you realize it or not.  I think most of us have seen at least one Smart Home commercial that depicts a homeowner managing their home straight from their phone.  Every time I see one of those commercials, I’m amazed by the things technology allows us to do these days.  Not only can we use our cell phones to stay in contact with friends and family, now we can use them to unlock doors, turn off lights, or even check in on the house. What’s more, we can also turn off faucets and appliances, open or close our garage doors, and control the temperature at home, no matter where we are.  Truly, it’s incredible.

Incredible as it may be, it can also be pretty overwhelming at the same time.  By and large, the most common response to Smart Homes I hear is, “It’s a really cool idea, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It’s just too much of a hassle for me, right now.”  I completely understand. Trying to figure out where to start, deciding what devices to buy, installing them, setting them up, making them work together, and then trying to control them takes a lot of work. And, Heaven forbid, you don’t get something exactly right the first time and have to start again. It can be a hassle, and something that’s supposed to make your life infinitely easier shouldn’t be a hassle at all.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

When you choose ASI to help create your Smart Home, the tricky part is taken care of for you – and you get an added bonus.  No mess, no stress, no hassles, just done right – the first time.  Our highly trained team members will help you choose the perfect home automation devices to meet your needs, nothing more and nothing less. Then, our certified technicians will install your devices, set them up, make them work together and teach you how to control them.  Now, what about that added bonus?  We don’t just put in devices that help you lock your doors and turn off your lights when you leave.  When you choose ASI powered by, not only will your home automation system make your life easier and more cost efficient, it will make it safer, too.

Our systems are designed with your convenience, cost of living, and safety in mind.  All of your home automation devices are integrated into and controlled by a home security system. So, not only are you able to control your entire home and monitor your energy usage from your smartphone, you’re also able to secure it from the same app.  Anytime your system is armed and something unusual happens, like a door opening or glass breaking, not only will you be notified but so will the police.

From lights and locks to thermostats and cameras, and everything in between, ASI will help you create a system that will secure your home while you’re away and make your transition home easier than ever.  When we take care of the details all your left with is the easy part. After all, isn’t easy what it’s all about?

Call us today at 1-877-838-5625 or Contact us HERE to start creating your perfect home automation solution!

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